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WildFly-Swarm - New Player in Microservices World

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Earlier in 2015 Red Hat made initial release of their new project called WildFly Swarm. This solution allows to run JavaEE based applications as microservices. It’s a competitor for many frameworks like Spring-boot or Dropwizard which are used for creating small application based on microservices architecture very fast. The application server now can be embedded into your application jar with all his dependencies or you can deploy your applications war into standalone WildFly application server instance as before. It’s a big step for JavaEE world and I hope that it will silence all people who were complaining about JavaEE fat application servers.

JDD 2015 - Solutions Worth Adopting

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About a month ago I was at JDD conference which took place in Cracow. JDD is a two-day, Java focused, international based conference. There you have a chance to speak with many Java enthusiasts, exchange your experiences with attendees and speakers from all over the world. The conference was consisted of four parallel paths so everyone could find something interesting for himself. There were many technical lectures as well as soft topics, workshops and interactive trainings. I enjoyed the conference and I’m looking forward to the next edition.

CircuitBreaker - Cure for Fallen Microservices

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In time of microservices, it’s relevant how we think about securing remote communication between multiple applications and how we react on network/application failure as a client. If our application depends on many external services and communicates with them remotely, it should be protected in case of network problems or unavailability of the application. One of the basic solutions is to use CircuitBreaker pattern, you can find more detailed description on Martin Fowler’s website

Self Improvement and Continuous Learning

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I’ve got an idea that writing a blog should be my next step in improving myself. I’ll write mostly about technical stuff like java, jvm, microservices, frameworks but also about my thoughts about other relevant things. I treat my blog as an archive for my ideas, proof of concepts and thoughts that I want to share with other programmers. Even if nobody reads it, it will be a nice practice for me.